Sharing Your Embark Data

(1) Go to the website and sign in to your account (link on the upper right corner of the Embark home page).

(2) Click on your dog’s profile on the list in your account.  That will open a page like the one shown here.

(3) Click on the “Edit Profile” link (gray button below the photo/icon).


(4) Scroll down the page until you come to a section labeled “Shared Ownership,” then click on “view shared ownership for this dog”

(5) Type in the email address for ESBC in the box provided ~ ~ and then click “add shared owner” to save

(6) Another page will open with options for checking a variety of boxes (answers surveys, etc).  Leave these boxes empty; ESBC is only interested in access to your dog’s raw data file for research purposes — we do not need the ability to do any of these other things.

Just click on “save” and you’re done!