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Helpful Links:

Making sense of the your dog’s genetic test results

Library of health information –

Tools for Breeders

Health Registries

Health registries record and share health information on individual dogs so that it is available for researchers.  You can support the future health of English Shepherds by sharing your dog’s health reports, hip x-rays, and DNA studies.  Please contact us if you have any questions about where or how to share information on your dog!


There are online discussion forums for every topic under the sun; finding forums with reliable information can be challenging, nonetheless.  When evaluating information online be sure to look for research citations and/or professional credentials for authors before putting what you read into practice.

Continuing Education

One of the goals of the English Shepherd Breed Conservancy is to offer and support ongoing education on science and health for English Shepherd owners and breeders.  If there are topics you would like to see addressed, please share your suggestions with us!  Additionally, if there are events coming up for which you would like informational hand-outs, again, please let us know!

Support Research

Your donation will be used to fund research and education to help ensure a healthy future for English Shepherds.