How You Can Help

There are a number of ways that you can help advance our understanding of the science behind breed health and behavior.  There are some suggestions below but the list is by no means exhaustive.  If you have ideas, time, or talent that you would like to contribute please get in touch with us.  ESBC is open to partnerships with individuals and organizations that share our interests and we rely on volunteers stepping up to help us fulfill our mission.

Don’t be shy!


  • Volunteer to assist with research projects
  • Apply your creative talents to designing artwork or improving our website
  • Help us develop educational programs and platforms
  • Complete our online surveys (see links below!)
  • Share information on your dog’s health, behavior, pedigree
  • Contact us with your ideas, hopes and plans for ES conservation!




This survey asks for information on your male English Shepherd’s ancestry. The goal is to identify the sire lines present in the breed today.
This survey is for breeders only and asks how many dogs are currently part of your breeding program. The goal is to estimate the size of the breeding population.
In order to study breed diversity and health, we have partnered with Embark and researchers at Cornell University to build a genetic database for the breed. Please add your dog’s DNA sample to this database!

Support Research

Your donation will be used to fund research and education to help ensure a healthy future for English Shepherds.