Summary Chart: Dam Line Data from 2019-2022

Data source: ESCR litter registrations

The chart below is a quick review of data on number of breeding females (D) and litters (L) per dam founder line for the 4 year interval from 2019-2022.  The dam founder lines shaded green are those with average or above average numbers, the yellow shaded dam founder lines have below average numbers, the red shaded founder lines have very few or no dogs/litters in the interval.  The bottom lines of the chart, shaded pink, list recent “step in” dogs so the small numbers reflect their lack of history with the registry (dogs are stepped into the registry one at a time). 

Dogs listed below the color-shaded dam founder line are the key descendants that represent “branches” of the line.  Dogs in bold print represent major branches for that line – and sometimes there is only one “branch” – and dogs below those bold type dogs, preceded by an arrow (–>) are descendants of the branch dog.  When there is only one branch for a founder line the numbers of dams & litters for the line are just on the shaded line.  When there are several branches for a line, the numbers are broken down to reflect the relative contribution of those smaller branches.