What We Do

The English Shepherd Breed Conservancy (ESBC) aims to protect and promote breed health through scientific research and education. Our team of advisors includes geneticists, veterinarians, and university-based researchers. Their expertise enables us to study health and genetic risks facing the breed and to find solutions that protect the health of the dogs we love.  The English Shepherd Breed Conservancy exists because we love English Shepherds and believe scientific research will protect their future. If you share our interest and would like to support our work or volunteer, we would love to hear from you!

Our Inspiration…

How ESBC Operates

The English Shepherd Breed Conservancy is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit corporation founded in 2018 by a group of longtime English Shepherd owners and breeders with professional backgrounds in science and research.  We accomplish our work through collaboration with experts in fields relevant to the study of population health and in consultation with the community of dog owners, behaviorists, breeders, and trainers who see the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.  We rely on volunteers to carry out many of the tasks involved in our work but funding through donations is necessary to fully accomplish our mission.
The English Shepherd Breed Conservancy is grateful for the support and assistance of the people and organizations that have stepped up to help us get started.  In particular, we would like to thank the following for their inspiration and leadership:

  • Our volunteer Board of Directors ~
    Kris Hazelbaker; Carla Green, PhD, MPH; Mary Peaslee, MD, MPH; Annalisa Regenfuss
  • Embark Vet
  • Jessica Hekman, DVM, PhD and Animal Health Advice
  • The Institute for Canine Biology and Carol Beuchat, PhD
  • The Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute
  • The Versatile English Shepherd Association
  • The English Shepherd Club
  • The Canine Diversity Project

Illustration to left is from ‘Home Words for Heart & Hearth’ ed. Rev. Charles Bullock, publ. 1884 by Home Words Publishing.
A fund-raising collie dog named “Help” (with his trainer) who famously collected subscriptions for the Railway Servants’ Orphans Fund.

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