Summary Chart: Sire Line Data from 2019-2021

Data source: ESCR litter registrations

The chart below is a quick review of data on number of stud dogs (S) and litters (L) per sire line for the 3 year interval from 2019-2021.  The sire founder lines shaded green are those with average or above average numbers, the yellow shaded sire founder lines have below average numbers, the red shaded founder lines have very few or no dogs/litters in the interval.  Note that some of the red shaded lines represent “step in” dogs so the small numbers may reflect their lack of history with the registry. 

Dogs listed below the sire founder line are more recent descendants that represent “branches” off the line.  In a few cases, those branch lines are in red type to highlight that the branch may be represented by only one or two dogs (so susceptible to being lost).