Sire lines represented in litters, 2019-2020

The chart below summarizes the connection between sire line founders and litters registered over a 2 year interval (2019-2020).  In most cases, the original sire line founder is connected to the present generation primarily through one descendant — meaning that descendant is the effective “founder” of the line: every subsequent dog in the line goes back to him.  We try to highlight those key descendants/ new “founders” whenever possible because it is important to recognize that it is these dogs that form the foundation for the breed today.  There is one instance — the Partlow’s Bobby sire line — where there are two descendants carrying the sire line forward but one (Partlow’s Bud II) is far more prominent than the other (Partlow’s Buster Brown).  In that one case those two descendants are included in the far left column along with Bobby, with rows following that show how they carry forward to the present. 

There are some dogs on the chart that may be available at stud (or one of their descendants may be breeding) but who did not actually produce any litters during this interval — these dogs are highlighted in red.  The reason for including these particular dogs is to help breeders identify sire lines and remnants of sire lines that are in danger of being lost.  

If you have information on dogs that should be included in this chart, please let us know!  You can reach us at or on Facebook (English Shepherd Breed Conservancy facebook group).