Bringing Together Heart and Science

The English Shepherd Breed Conservancy (ESBC) aims to bring together English Shepherd owners, breeders, and scientists to build a genetic database and support health research for our breed.

2019 Breed Report

As one of our initial projects, while we work on gathering genetic data for future studies, ESBC has put together a report looking at available data on breed health and conservation breeding practices. We would love to hear your thoughts and discuss breed conservation. Please check out the report and weigh in with your questions, observations, suggestions on our Facebook page (English Shepherd Breed Conservancy) or via email!


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Health and Genetics Research

The ESBC is founded on a love for English Shepherds, a commitment to scientific research, and a desire to help English Shepherd owners and breeders understand and use scientific information to protect the health of their dogs.

We aim to bring together English Shepherd owners, breeders, and researchers to explore questions that the breed community has wrestled with for years — what genetic risks should English Shepherd breeders be monitoring, how to minimize those risks, how to identify the best prospective mates.  In addition to helping answer these immediate questions, participation in our projects will support new research into the causes and prevention of specific disorders affecting English Shepherds.  That research will take time but the sooner we start, and the more owners who participate, the faster that work will yield life-changing results.

ESBC exists because we love English Shepherds and believe that scientific research can benefit our breed. Please contact us if you share our interests, have ideas for projects or would like to help!

Genetic Testing

Through a research partnership with Embark, ESBC is able to offer genome wide DNA analysis for your dog at significantly discounted prices. Every English Shepherd can contribute to this research. In addition to working with Embark, ESBC will be partnering with researchers studying behavior and health at universities and labs around the world.

Diversity & Kinship Studies

English Shepherds have a unique history that is only partially captured in existing records. A breed-wide study of genetic diversity will enrich our understanding of the genetic heritage of our dogs and enable breeders to monitor and improve the health of their lines.

Practical Tools

The goal of studying our breed is to promote its continued health and vitality. To do that, we need practical advice and tools for applying scientific information to our management and decision-making as dog owners and breeders.
We believe in the importance of “ordinary” English Shepherd owners becoming partners in scientific research. You know your dog, you provide the data, we make sure that your knowledge and information is shared with researchers studying our breed.

ESBC subscribes to the open science model. This means we do not own and will never sell your dog’s data. We also respect the confidentiality of your test results. With ESBC, you contribute to an English Shepherd health and genetic database and we share all the new discoveries that result freely with you, and researchers around the world.


The English Shepherd Breed Conservancy is a 501c3 tax-exempt corporation.